PlaylistAI – Overview, Features, and Benefits


PlaylistAI Overview

PlaylistAI is powered by advanced AI technology, this exceptional app is designed to make playlist creation effortless and enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for the ideal mix for a music festival, seeking songs for a specific mood, or wanting to explore new genres, PlaylistAI has you covered.

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Pricing: Free (Trial) & Paid

How PlaylistAI Works?

PlaylistAI harnesses the power of AI to provide you with the perfect mix for any moment. Whether you’re in the mood for early 2000s pop music or looking for tunes to accompany a rainy day board game session, PlaylistAI uses your prompts to organize an exceptional playlist that suits your taste.

Features and Benefits of PlaylistAI

PlaylistAI takes music discovery to new heights by offering experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Here are some remarkable features and benefits that set PlaylistAI apart

1. Instant Playlists for Music Festivals

Immerse yourself in the world of music festivals with PlaylistAI. Simply upload a music festival poster, and this intelligent tool will generate a playlist featuring the performing artists. Experience the energy and vibe of the festival right at your fingertips.

2. Revisit Your Favorite Music

Relive your musical journey by creating playlists of your top tracks and artists over a specific time frame. Whether you want to reminisce about the past four weeks, six months, or your all-time favorites, PlaylistAI lets you rediscover and celebrate the music that moves you.

3. Find the Friends of Your Favorite Artist

Explore the musical connections of your favorite artist using PlaylistAI. By selecting an artist, this AI-powered tool will curate a playlist featuring artists and tracks connected to your chosen artist. Expand your musical horizons and delve into the network of talent surrounding your favorite musicians.

4. Blend Genres Together

Show your creativity and blend genres effortlessly with PlaylistAI. Select multiple genres and filter the recommendations based on tempo (BPM). Discover unexpected musical fusions and find hidden gems across various genres.

5. ID Songs in TikTok Videos

If you’ve ever wondered about the catchy tunes in TikTok videos, PlaylistAI has the answer. Scan videos and let the app identify the songs used within them. Then you can add these identified songs to your playlist.

6. Create Personalized Music Festival Lineups

Experience the excitement of designing your very own music festival lineup. PlaylistAI allows you to input your most-listened-to artists from the past month, six months, or year, and generates a music festival poster complete with an organized playlist.

Wrap Up

With PlaylistAI, your music discovery journey becomes effortless and enjoyable. This AI-powered tool is your ultimate companion for creating playlists tailored to your taste and preferences. Enhance your music discovery with PlaylistAI.