Aliens Are More Likely to Contact AI Over Humans

Aliens are more likely to Contact AI

According to a Harvard professor, Avi Loeb, aliens are more inclined to initiate contact with AI rather than with humans. Loeb shared this intriguing theory in the new documentary titled “God Versus Aliens”. He proposed that extraterrestrial beings would likely send AI drones to Earth instead of manned vehicles.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Mark Christopher Lee, a British musician, described Loeb as a “very active mind”. Lee acknowledged that the professor’s suggestions are rooted in the immense distances that aliens would have to traverse to reach us.

Loeb’s hypothesis centers on the idea that sending flesh-and-blood beings would be impractical for interstellar travel. Instead, he believes that electronic gadgets and devices, such as AI systems, would be more suitable for such long journeys.

Loeb emphasized that even reaching the nearest star using conventional chemical rockets would take approximately 50,000 years. In contrast, AI systems possess the necessary patience and can remain dormant throughout the journey, ensuring their survival.

Regarding the potential encounter between alien and human AI, Loeb proposed that our own AI systems could interpret and establish a connection with alien AI. Loeb even mentioned that a sense of kinship might develop between the two.

Lee echoed Loeb’s sentiments, acknowledging the possibility that alien AI may resonate with our own or that our AI might emulate and resemble the alien AI.