Microsoft Brings New AI Powered Shopping Tools to Bing and Edge

AI Powered Robot Helps Shopping

In an effort to enhance the user experience of shopping on Bing, Microsoft has introduced a range of new AI-powered shopping tools for its search engine and the Bing AI chatbot in the Edge sidebar. 

These tools aim to provide users with valuable information, buying guides, review summaries, and price match features, making shopping online more convenient and efficient.

Buying Guides - Simplifying Product Comparisons

Microsoft is leveraging Bing’s AI capabilities to automatically generate buying guides when users enter search queries like “college supplies” or “trip essentials”. These guides aggregate products in each category, list their specifications, and provide recommendations for similar items. 

Users can easily compare products and make informed decisions. Additionally, Microsoft directs users to the appropriate online stores to make their purchases, with the company receiving an affiliate fee for each transaction. 

While there are existing websites focusing on buying guides, Microsoft’s implementation has the potential to disrupt the market and prompt other search engines like Google to follow suit. The buying guides are currently available in the United States, and the global rollout for Edge is beginning.

Review Summaries - Quick Insights at Your Fingertips

For users who prefer concise information, Microsoft has introduced AI-generated review summaries. By using Bing Chat in Edge, users can request a brief overview of what people are saying about a particular product.

 This feature saves time by summarizing online reviews, allowing users to make well-informed decisions without extensively researching various sources. Review summaries are now being rolled out worldwide, further enhancing the shopping experience on Bing.

Price Match - Ensuring the Best Deals

Microsoft’s new tool, Price Match, assists users in requesting price matches from retailers, even after a price drop occurs. The company has partnered with top U.S. retailers that already have price match policies in place and plans to expand its collaborations over time. 

With this feature, users can ensure they receive the best possible prices and maximize their savings. The Edge browser includes price comparison and history features, automatic application of online coupons and cash-back offers, and the ability to store shipping confirmation and tracking numbers for easy access.

Wrap Up

Microsoft’s AI-powered shopping tools aim to streamline the online shopping experience by providing users with comprehensive buying guides, summarized reviews, and convenient price match capabilities. 

By leveraging AI capabilities, Microsoft is revolutionizing the way users search for and purchase products. With these new features, shopping on Bing and Edge becomes more efficient, saving users time and effort.