AI Text Classifier by Open AI

AI Text Classifier

AI Text Classifier Overview

AI Text Classifier by OpenAI is an AI detection tool that helps you distinguish between AI-generated and human-written text.

Categories: AI Detector, Open AI
Pricing: Free

AI Text Classifier Description

AI Text Classifier is an advanced tool developed by OpenAI that focuses on classifying text to determine whether it was generated by AI or written by humans. It leverages a fine-tuned language model trained on a diverse dataset consisting of pairs of human-written text and AI-generated text on similar subjects.

This free tool allows users to submit their text for analysis and receive a prediction indicating the likelihood that it was generated by AI. The AI Text Classifier, based on a fine-tuned GPT model, requires a minimum of 1,000 characters and has been trained on English content created by adult writers. However, it is important to note that the AI Text Classifier’s accuracy may vary.

Upon submission of the text to the AI Text Classifier, users will receive a result indicating whether the text is very unlikely, unlikely, unclear, possibly, or likely to have been generated by AI. This tool serves as the official OpenAI AI detection mechanism.

The classifier generally demonstrates improved reliability as the length of the input text increases. Notably, this new classifier shows significantly higher reliability when processing text generated by more recent AI systems, compared to OpenAI’s previously released classifier.

Wrap Up

OpenAI’s AI Text Classifier tool represents a valuable resource for determining the likelihood that a given piece of text was generated by AI. While it exhibits some limitations and variations in accuracy, it plays a significant role in sparking discussions surrounding AI literacy.